The Premium Honey Company

Hunajainen SAM

We are The Finland Honey Company Ltd, Hunajainen SAM.

Honey has been the passion and love of our family for over 30 years. We want to offer our clients only the best, a vast selection of honey of the highest quality.

The basis of all our operations is our love for honey and we encourage home and professional kitchens to the versatile use of honey. This is why we develop new honey products and are constantly creating new recipes in collaboration with top professionals of the restaurant industry.

High-quality honey - vast product range

To ensure perfect taste experiences we provide honey that is produced in the best harvest areas in the world.  The flavor, color and liquidity of SAM Honey derives from plants from carefully chosen geographical areas. With humble appreciation towards mother nature we are in a constant look for the purest of the pure.

High quality criteria and monitored production are basic standards for us.